Base Game (3rd edition) races
The emirates of hacan
The Emirates of Hacan
Soon the Hacan became masters of trade, and their system prospered as unfathomable fortunes were made by the increasingly powerful trading clans, chief among them the Mowshir Emirate of Arretze. The desire to protect their newfound wealth, and a will to peacefully regulate and arbitrate between the clans, moved the Hacan to form a representative gathering and to elect a Quieron- the leader who speaks for all the Hacan. The Quieron leads the entire hierarchy of trade-groups, each possessing its own fleets of commerce and war. His task: to lead his people to the Imperial Throne, establishing an era of wealth and peaceful commerce.

Jol nar 01 weapons engineer
The Universities of Jol-Nar
Despite their physical weaknesses, the Hylar are a proud people, often to the point of abrasiveness and arrogance. since the catastrophic Dark Years, the Hylar have started utilizing the natural resources of their own planets, and they now extract metals and medicines from the many algae and coral formations of both Jol and Nar. As a new age nears, the Hylar once more strive for the influence they feel they have earned. The Circle of Regents has secretly decided that the Hylar must take the place of the Lazax in governing and advancing a new united galaxy. Under their mandate, the Headmaster has begun building his forces, and Jol Nar diplomats and engineers have started appearing among the other civilizations in large numbers, appearing friendly, but with hidden agendas. Soon the HEadmaster will make his claim for empire, and the galaxy will enter an age of technological advancement and intellectual achievement.

The Barony of Letnev
Under the surface of Arc Prime, heated by its planetary core, the Baron presides over the proud and fierce Letnev people. Few non-natives have ever visited the capital Goz, fabled “city of a billion,” or the other six major underground urban centers of Arc Prime." "The Baron keeps order by maintaining a strict bureaucracy, discipline, and an elitist military culture that brings the strongest and the smartest directly under his control. The pale Letnev despise light, and will often wear protective headgear when visiting other worlds with bright sunlight.

The Sardakk N’orr
Not far past the Unicorn Nebula, the golden Sardakk star shines its ancient, hot light on giant oceanless Quinarra. The massive planet radiates a red glow like a dusty ruby in the night, its massive polar storms clearly visible from space. A great network of orbital space stations and massive completments of fleet units occupy the system in the fasion of the insectile N’orr. Massive whale-like N’orr carriers spew fighters like angry hornets from a disturbed nest.

The Federation of Sol
“The humans themselves represent the most numerous and most diverse species of the galaxy. Since the discovery of the mass-drive, humans have left Jord to explore, and they continue to explore, the distant corners of space. Humans can be found in all corners of the galaxy and seem to demonstrate the greatest variation in intellect and application of skills. Human colonies and settlements can be found everywhere, as can human servants, traders, cartographers, explorers, mercenaries, scholars, construction crews, smugglers, scientists, diplomats, etc. It is commonly recognized among galactic historians that it has been the diversified skills of the human race that has been the determining factor in it avoiding annihilation or extinction.”

The xxcha kingdom
The Xxcha Kingdom
Although the Xxcha still believe in the doctrine of peace and negotiation, they will never again bend to foreign invasion. Travelers to the Xxlak system will often notice impressive sentinel Xxcha superdreadnoughts and the distinctive Xxlun fighters in intense naval exercises. Although the typical Xxcha may seem slow and encumbered by a heavy reptilian bodily weight, when roused, the Xxcha are surprisingly strong and fast.

The L1Z1X Mindnet
Then, on a fateful night during the seventy-second year of the Twilight Wars, two freighters, the Manda and the Hurwana, and Ibna’s own cruiser, Syd, left the great spaceport of Mecatol City. Below them, the great Hall of Cartography was burned. So fearful had Ibna been of discovery and persecution by the Lazax’s enemies that he had engineered the destruction of any record that could possibly identify his secret destination: a cold but adequate planet orbiting the small star Hazz, far beyond the borderlands. It is guessed that the colony, struggling to survive, started to rely almost exclusively on technology to assist them in their hardships. Presumably helped by the small contingent of Hylar, technology crept into their lives and bodies, until they became almost indistinguishable from it.

The Mentak Coalition
Although publicly denied by Mentak ambassadors, the Mentak employ a vast pirating fleet which wreaks havoc among merchant shipping lanes and smaller military convoys. Although now an educated culture and civilization in their own right, the Mentak people have never forgotten their roots as rogues and usurpers. Every Mentak feels a historical need for revenge: revenge against a galaxy that shipped their ancestors to torture and rot on Moll Primus centuries ago. The Table of Captains has given their Hand a clear mandate: to scheme, pillage, and conquer until the ruled are rulers and the enslaved are emperors.

The Naalu Collective
The Druaa seldom communicate with each other by speaking. Their telepathic communication is more effective, facilitates emotional as well as intelligent understanding, and has allowed the collective to prevent larger internal wars, which in turn has spurred their rapid advance in culture, technology (assisted by the Yssaril), and the creation of the Naalu fleet and military might. Unless speaking to off-worlders, the Naalu use their voices only for their music- hauntingly alluring arias of melodic hissing.

The Yssaril Tribes
The empire sent reinforcements, and the colonists soon realized that they were under systematic attack by a small native chameleon race with natural greenish skin and large yellow lamp-like eyes. These aborigines had the ability to “fate,” making them virtually invisible to the naked eye and a great threat to the farming boom towns springing up along the edges of the measureless swamps. It was clear that the natives were a primitive race, but fierce, intelligent, and relentless in their intent to stop the invasive farming of their native swamplands. From the few early prisoners, it was learned that they called themselves the “Yssaril” and that a vast network of villages and tribes was to be found in the continent-sized Fianni swamp.

Shattered Empire expansion pack races

The embers of muaat
The Embers of Muaat
It was during the early years of the Age of Dusk that Jol Nar exploreres came upon the volcanic planet of Muaat. Scouting for resources beyond the Mahact plateau the explorers were amazed by the mineral wealth of their discovery but they were truly awestruck by the extraordinary qualities of the plenets fiery inhabitants, the Gashlai.
The Gashlai were unlike any race known to the Jol Nar; sentient beings with bodies slowly consubed by fiery heat. After their conception, Gashlai cocooning process somehow enables conversion of engery into mass – a process hinted at by scientific theory, but forever though unattainable on a subatomic scale.
Clad in Ember suits, special body armor shielding the Gashlai from cold and others from their lethal heat, a large assembly of Gashlai envoys ahve recently arrived at Mecatol Rex, demanding recognition and representation. The High Fire Warden Sushon Azh has simultaneously sent forth Gashlai ambassadors to all the great races in the distinctive gold-bronze frigates of Gashlai.

The clan of saar
The Clan of Saar
The Nomadic Peoples of The Clan of Saar is a huge, cultured nation, remarkable for its museums and concert halls. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 287 million have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often.
It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Education, the Environment, and Social Equality. The average income tax rate is 56%. A large private sector is led by the Gambling industry, followed by Book Publishing and Information Technology.
Crowds of flag-burning protesters tend to accidentally become crowds of burning protesters, ‘A is for Annulment’ is a popular children’s song, more and more students are taking up a career in medicine, and every product goes through extensive safety-testing by the government. Crime — especially youth-related — is moderate, and the police force struggles against a lack of funding and a high mortality rate. The Clan of Saar’s national animal is the Mini Sardakk, which is also the nation’s favorite main course, and its currency is the Sar.

The winnu
The Winnu
The Winnu system was the first system to seek annexation into the Lazax Empire. Throughout their history, the Winnarans had suffered countless civil wars, a deteriorating climate, and debilitating disease. They were a race on the brink of extinction when they first came into contact with the Lazax, and only with generous Lazax support did the Winnaran race survive. The Lazax allowed the Winnarans into their empire, and over time healed the scars of Winnu. More importantly, the Winnarans came to embrace the Lazax code of strength and peace, the powerful doctrine which had allowed the first Lazax emperor to defeat the last of the mad Mahact kings and to emerge as a shining beacon of peace and stability in a dark galaxy.

The yin brotherhood
The Yin Brotherhood
Lazax law strictly forbade the practice of cloning, the dangerous science that led to the madness, disease, and ultimate downfall of the Mahact kings. The emperors severely punished any regime or independent scientist dabbling in this dangerous field.
The brilliant Darien made great advances in the following years. His wife Moyin contributed the embryos he needed for his forbidden experiments. With his successes, however, word of his work began to leak, and a congregation of the hopeful began to surround him, bringing their sick and dying to his care, clinging to a last hope that his discoveries could cure them.
Darien’s secret ended the day a sick child died in his care. The anguished, remorseful parents blamed Darien for the death and contacted the Sol authorities. That night, Darien fled Jord with his wife and a few of his most devout followers. Now a known fugitive, Darien narrowly escaped capture again and again. To finally escape the Lazax authorities, his small group joined a religious colonists migrating to a new home on the remote planet of Lael, a place of harsh oceans and stormy climates.
Over the centuries, the monastery of Lucas became a vast facility, completely covering the Hills of Grace and the surrounding plains. The Brotherhood, blessed with the brilliant minds of both Darien and Moyin, grew to vast proportions and renamed their planet “Darien.” As the Age of Dusk neared its end, the Brotherhood ventured into space, establishing monasteries on Darien’s moons and its surrounding systems.
The Brotherhood long ago abandoned any hope of a female creation, and instead worship the Yin as the mother and the feminine in their lives. Despite centuries of continued work, they have never been able to completely eradicate the signs of Greyfire. Instead, the brothers that are completely ravaged and deformed by the disease are revered as “The Blessed,” and the brothers left untouched by the disease are called “The Untouched.”

Shards of the Throne expansion pack races
The arborec
The Arborec
The Arborec are a species of intelligent plantlike entities that collectively make up their own sentient ecosystem, and this remarkable advantage allows them a tight control over their ground forces.
Worlds inhabited by the Arborec tend to be lush and verdant environments, and aggressors unlucky enough to be fighting a ground war against them quickly find themselves combating the jungle itself. Arborec reinforcements can sprout up like weeds, rapidly surrounding interlopers. Their technology upgrade, Spore Acceleration, only serves to expedite their takeover of any planet they target.

The ghosts of creuss
The Ghosts of Creuss
The so-called Ghosts of Creuss only recently emerged from the depths of the Shaleri anomaly, an area of space blamed for so many unexplained events (including disappearances) that it’s spoken of in hushed tones by many a superstitious spacefarer. The Creuss themselves are in fact ethereal beings of energy and light, who wear massive metal frames carved with strange runes. Though seemingly benign, their off-putting behavior and mysterious origins prompt suspicion from nearly every other race.
Their apparent mastery of energy gives the Ghosts of Creuss an unsettling degree of control over Wormholes, and unwitting enemy ships have been known to suddenly find themselves at the mercy of a Creuss fleet that’s appeared from nowhere. Slave Wormhole Generator is a technology upgrade that ensures remarkable mobility to this mysterious, ethereal race.

The nekro virus
The Nekro Virus
The coolly lethal Nekro Virus was the product of an experiment by an extremist faction within the technology-obsessed L1z1x Mindnet. Seeking to perfect the L1z1x form, the faction’s leader pursued the perfect blend of biology and machine… then he lost control. Now, the entity known as the Nekro Virus has one goal: the utter elimination of all organic matter.
Although its inhumane, calculating persona limits its influence in galactic politics, the Nekro Virus is adept at quickly altering its programming. When the Nekro Virus destroys an adversary, it can assimilate that victim’s knowledge into its databanks. And with its Valefar Assimilator technology upgrade, the Nekro Virus can even copy any alien technology it observes.


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